Alba Adriatica

Alba Adriatica, Wellness, Cheerfulness, Quietness, Entertainment, Beach life and Sun...

A large shore of silvery white dine sand; extraordinary clean waters gently sloping down, suitable for children and families; a healthy mild climate; a long pedestrian area and a cycle track running for 3Km on the promenade among palm trees, oleanders and pinewoods encourage quiet and healthy holidays in close touch with a stunning and natural environment.

The modern and comfortable beach resort provides accomodation in brand-new facilities such as hotels, boarding houses, residence, flats, campsites; morover, sports centres, information system, first aid station, medical guard for tourists, chemist's and banks.

Alba Adriatica also offers many entertainment and leisure facilities for funny and lively holidays: clothes shops, ice-cream shops, bar, children playground, water-park, amusement arcades and a multiplex for cinema. At night. a wide choice of renown restaurants, pizzerias, pubs or the village festivals of the town or inland. Afterwards, a peaceful rest or, alternatively, pubs, discos, night clubs, dance halls, live music.