Abruzzo: Green Region of Europe

Abruzzo is called the ‘Green Region of Europe‘, it is no coincidence that it is protected for over a third of surface.

Bears and chamois, rock faces and forests, gentle hilly landscapes and magnificent sandy beaches. Between the high peaks of Gran Sasso, Majella and Velino and the golden line of the coast, the nature of Abruzzo forms a picture of great variety and charm, which can be appreciated at any time of the year.

Thanks to the National Parks, a dense network of reserves and nature oases, the nature of Abruzzo is today adequately safeguarded, and can be easily visited by individual enthusiasts as well as organized groups.

kilometers of beach, rocks and very fine sand

Kilometers and kilometers of beach, rocks and fine sand for holidays that can amaze, relax and recharge.

The Abruzzo coast is one of the most important and appreciated tourist attractions in the region, due to the tranquility of the beaches and the landscape , the clear waters, the sweet pine forests and the clean air.

With the arrival of night the coast changes gear: the lively “Adriatic nights” make their way, the clubs come alive until the first light of dawn, for the entertainment of the young people of all ages. Those looking for a sporting holiday can go sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and fishing.

An immense cultural heritage


Romanesque churches and castles, ancient necropolises and museums, hermitages and fortified villages. Between the mountains and the sea, a rich choice of works of art and monuments awaits the visitor who travels through Abruzzo. 

Alongside famous monuments and collections such as S.Maria di Collemaggio, the ancient streets of Scanno, the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti and Rocca Calascio, dozens of lesser-known wonders, scattered in every corner of the region, excite the traveller.

Abruzzo was the birthplace of the poet D’Annunzio, writers and philosophers such as Silone and Croce, painters such as Michetti< /strong>, Palizzi and Cascella and many other artists.


In Abruzzo, craftsmanship has very distant roots

In Abruzzo, craftsmanship has very distant roots. Centuries and centuries of secrets, of large and small intuitions, fueled by needs and passions handed down from father to son. 

Wrought iron and copper, noble metals with elaborate filigree workmanship, precious woods, ceramics and fabrics, hides and leather are beautifully displayed in shops where atmospheres of times gone by mix with the enthusiasm of the new generations, aware ofart of these professions

The simple and genuine products of the land and sea are the authentic protagonists of Abruzzo cuisine, with extra virgin olive oil and good wine. An appetizing gallery of flavors of famous pasta, saffron and cheeses, cured meats and dairy products, exquisite meats, delicious and very particular traditional sweets, which can be purchased in the village shops.


Discover our city, among beaches, large pine forests, seafront and many attractions.

For those who love a cheerful and lively stay, Alba Adriatica offers numerous places for leisure and entertainment.

The wide beach of fine, silvery-white sand; the extraordinarily clear sea, with a gentle slope, ideal for children and families


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